OEM trunk lids

Where buy a trunk Lid when yours is damaged? The dealer or used? What is better for your pocket?

The most common part of the vehicle involved in an accident is the trunk lid. There are many different daily circumstances to get the car’s rear damaged, since small crashes getting parking at the store, or driving back on your own drive way, or even worse in the middle of the freeway at the high traffic hours.  

The latest models have increased the use of the rear camera which has been both, an awesome help for many drivers to avoid their car rear damaged, and a great update in order to keep the original back car condition; but in spite of this worthy and helpful update, it is not enough, and very often you need to go to the body shop to replace the trunk lid because an accident.

Then, where to buy a cheap trunk lid when yours is damaged? It has been a great dilemma, because there are not too much options. You have to choose buy it at the dealership, and probably pay lots of money, or save as much as you can, walking a little bit more to find your deck lid used, original, and usually with affordable price at auto wreckers or junk yards. Obviously, the trunk lid will be so far more expensive at the dealership, than the trunk lid you may find with the auto wrecking yards, or second hand dealers; especially, if your vehicle is a Lexus, Acura, BMW, Audi, infinity or Mercedes Benz, and sometimes the most common models of Toyota, Chevrolet, ford or Nissan could be expensive as well.     

Since this point of view, the best and cheapest option is to buy the used, OEM trunk lid. Additionally, this option gives you the confidence that this auto part has been previously used in other similar make and model vehicle, that fits perfectly yours, and it is made with the highest quality standards from the original auto maker as well. 

Nobody Collision Parts has a great variety of trunk lids and deck lids. We have trunk lids for   latest models, and thousand parts for mostly vehicles made since 2005 and up; any trunk or deck lid for American, Japanese, or European cars is possible find it here.  Just give us a call, we can search for you the right OEM part for your vehicle, with no extra money costs.