oem plastic bumpers

Used Plastic Bumpers to the Rescue

You may have witnessed or been a part of an accident
which led to the total wreckage of your cars plastic bumper. Or there may be
incidents where a slight touch from another vehicle may have caused a big
visible dent. Is your first option always to go and buy a new bumper? Or wait
until it is completely broken to then go out and look for a replacement or
aftermarket bumper? Which of these would you say is the best option? What if I
told you there is a better alternative than these two options?

Well, we recommend you replace it with an original
bumper. An OEM bumper is the best solution when you need to replace your broken
or deformed bumper. Why do you ask? Well, choosing an Authentic plastic bumper
over an aftermarket bumper or Chinese bumper will lead to a better fit for your
vehicle due to the fact that these replacement bumpers are made out of hard and
thick plastic that won’t fit your vehicle properly after installation. As these
aftermarket parts are not designed or fitted by your original automaker. There
can be marginal variation in their dimensions causing the bumper to take more
space or less space than your originally manufactured plastic bumper.

So it is better for you to opt for OEM bumpers because
they are removed from the original vehicles. Since they are straight off the
original vehicles these authentic bumpers will fit perfectly fine on your car,
and won’t take up any extra space.

Although you may consider purchasing an aftermarket
bumper, we highly recommend you do not take that route. The reason being that
Chinese bumpers hinder the beauty of your vehicle, and makes it look a bit
awkward and disproportionate. It is better for you to stick with OEM bumpers,
as it wouldn’t cause any negative impact on the vehicles authentic shape and

We at Nobody Collision Parts have a large inventory of
authentic bumpers that have been removed from their original vehicle. In
Phoenix, AZ we provide OEM plastic bumpers at a very affordable price. Just
call us up, and inform us of the type of car bumper you need and we’ll get it
ready for you in no time!