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 The original OEM hood that remarks the vehicle differences

The car hood plays a main role in the appearance and finish of your vehicle, but beyond this point, the hood is a key issue protecting your engine in a variety of circumstances. Usually, the hood allows us to keep clean the engine, and all related mechanical and electrical parts from agents such as the water, dust, wind that could damage it, or it is accomplish its more essential role protecting the engine in the event of an accident, where the hood could receive the hit or bigger impact. Unfortunately, after an accident the hood is the automotive part that very often needs to be replaced.   

The outstanding role of the hood for the customers has focus the attention of the manufacturers to use a great variety of materials, that not only added beauty and originality to the vehicle, but also enhance their personality through new designs that assure the car versatility and better performance. Thus, since they are not using the traditional steel or metal for all models have increased the use of aluminum or fiber glass, and as a result the hood prices are getting higher too.  

Therefore, if for any reason you have to replace the original hood, you have to establish first what kind of original material the manufacturer used, and be prepared to pay the expensive hood new one at the dealership, or walk a little at the wrecking yards to find one used, OEM hood, maybe with some scratches, or dents, but repairable and for sure with really affordable price for you.

In our experience, we do not recommend an aftermarket hood.  When you purchase an aftermarket replacement hood you risk that the material may not withhold all the wear and tear you may encounter, that an OEM hood would withhold. This is due to the fact that third-party hood manufacturers use their own materials, not approved by the original auto maker.

A cars hood is molded to perfection, it fits perfectly fine on the engine and gives the front of your car a desirable look. Auto manufacturers have been producing the same hoods with all the same dimensions to ensure the fit is perfect on all their makes and models. When a third-party auto maker begins to manufacture hoods for makes and models, they go off their own calculations, dimensions and margins which most of the times aren’t spot on to the original part. This could lead to an aftermarket hood not fitting perfectly and could give your car an awkward look. 

Call us now!!! We have a large inventory of aluminum, fiber glass or steel original hoods; so, no matter if you need a car hood for an SUV, pickup truck, sedan or coupe automobile, or either European, American, Japanese, or Korean vehicle, or if you rather ask us by brand, BMW, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Lexus or whatever you have, just pick up the phone, and let us know!