OEM used headlights

OEM headlights VS Aftermarket headlights 

The vehicle headlights are those kind of things that are really hard to replace, due to the greater changes that the auto makers have been implemented to achieve their differentiation between both, the brands in the competitive automotive market, and even more between their own different models. Therefore, they are chasing this goal increasing aggressively the use of high technology to develop headlights that remarks the brightening differences.

Thus, the most common halogen headlights have been used for long time ago, and for many automotive manufacturers mainly on their basic models, and recently, smartly combined with LED lights for premium, or limited lines in many cases, obviously with higher prices. Additionally, and specially for European cars such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi among others, or those named top of the line of the Japanese cars such as Acura, Infiniti or Lexus, is very common the use of expensive HID headlights, with one or more ballast of xenon, that increase so far the differentiation from the regular basic models, and beyond this point, the highest prices due to the complexity of their manufacture making more difficult to create similar headlights aftermarket. 

Then, it is not very hard to replace headlights? Yes, it is. First, because usually are very expensive for many make and models, and second, due to the greater variety of options of lights, bulbs, projectors, ballasts, bezels, that could become this task almost only for the experts. In addition, when you know all about your headlight features, the big dilemma is the cash out that you are willing to pay at the dealership for a new headlight, the time that you need to spend looking door to door at the junk yards for one used original with better price, the difficulties facing options searching online, or the high risk that implies look for a cheaper aftermarket headlight. 

After all, the best way you have is looking for a used original headlight, that provides you not only the confidence of the manufacturer guidelines, also the quality to assure the brightness and functionality that you need, affordable prices, and without having to sacrifice the quality. There are good reasons that people needs to keep in mind to opt for used original headlights.  It is very often that the aftermarket headlights are made wrong, or do not fit the vehicle, or the chrome and lenses look so far from the originals, and the brightness is really poor; and many times not even have lower prices.  

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