OEM car grills

Used OEM car grilles or aftermarket grilles?

The car grille is the most important auto body part playing a vital role in the appearance of the vehicle. Usually, there is a great variety of designs that the auto makers have successfully created to approach its relevant front and central position. There is no other privileged place in the vehicle that allow them use the brand emblem as a brand positioning hook, or the use of materials such as chromium that gives it much more notoriety and beauty. 

But, because of their vulnerable position, grilles are easily damaged in cases of road accidents or other unexpected situations, and their costs could be really higher than your expectations, or simply more of the money that you are willing to pay depending the brand and model of your vehicle.  The price could become a truly headache; but in any situation, we do not recommend an aftermarket or replacement grille. Then, if you really love your car the best option will be a used, original grille, OEM.     

First, OEM car grilles guarantee authenticity.  As these authentic grilles are removed directly from other car, same make and model like yours; second, since it was taken of other original vehicle you have warranty of the quality, the long lasting materials, the brightness of the chrome parts, and the measures will be fit perfectly. As the auto makers have spent time, and resources on trials looking for the best quality materials, the grilles for some expensive vehicles such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Infiniti, Acura or Lexus have been made to last; there is no any point of comparison with the replacement grilles from Taiwan.       

The grilles from China, or aftermarket third-party companies, they usually do not have the exact dimensions and margins that the authentic auto-maker, and you do not have evidence that they are follow the same rules when choosing the materials to be used for the grille; eventually, the replacement grilles are very similar for some basic models of Nissan, Toyota, and even Chevrolet, Ford  or Dodge, especially if there is a plastic grille, but not even in the most common models, it is very easy to realize the differences. Do not take the risk with your car grille, because very soon you will feel frustrated.

At Nobody Collision Parts we have a wide variety of grilles to choose from. Make the right decision and opt for an OEM authentic grille. Give us a call and let us know what type of grille you need, and we will have it ready for you soon!