OEM used car fenders

Buy an Original Fender that fits perfectly your car instead a replacement one!

Have you ever been in a situation where you are either trying to park in a small spot, or trying to maneuver your car out of a tight spot, and you suddenly hear a sharp noise, only to realize one of your vehicles fender completely broken due to an object nearby? What would be the best option in replacing that trashed fender?

Why go for original (OEM) fenders instead aftermarket fenders? Well, to begin with, aftermarket fenders are not manufactured by the original automaker meaning they do not comply with the same rules, dimensions or margins that were originally set by the automaker. Due to this fact, some fenders may not fit properly on your vehicle and the quality of materials that the original automaker offers may not be offered by the third party company.

Many people fail to realize that aftermarket fenders are not always made to fit the exact dimensions and margins of the vehicle. It is not until after they purchase and install these aftermarket fenders that they find out the replacement fender they bought is different in size and is made with weak unreliable material. Instead of going for aftermarket fenders, you should go for OEM fender flares.

Buying an original, authentic fender you will have the guarantee of its authenticity, strength, and size. Because the OEM fender was removed off a car that is similar to your make and model, it will fit and provide the reliability the automaker intended to give you.

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We at Nobody Collision Parts have a full inventory of original OEM fenders that have been pulled off original vehicles. We guarantee reasonable prices. Opt for authentic fenders, save your money and get the fender that was made to fit your vehicle. Pick up the phone and give us a call! Let us know what you need!