OEM Door Mirrors
OEM Door Mirrors
OEM Door Mirrors

Aftermarket side door mirrors? No way…Read my reasons

The car door mirrors are one of the most essential, and fragile components of your vehicle. They are very important part of your safety car package; therefore, the door mirrors can help you to see who is behind you, who is passing you, or just, they can give you the security when you need to stop, start driving, park the vehicle, or simply cross or change lanes on the road. They are permanently, and actively involved in your driving skills and safety. 

The main role of the door mirrors in your safety is so, that having damaged or broken them not only puts yourself in danger, it also puts other vehicles, or pedestrians also; It is very important their right position too, because If you are not able to establish the correct angle to avoid your blind side, you could end up running someone off the road, and it could be lead to trouble.  

Eventually, if you need to replace your door mirror the most convenient exchange is to buy other new one at the dealership, probably very expensive; or you may find other door mirror used, original, that fits perfectly your vehicle at the wrecking yards. There are very good opportunities to find your used, and original door mirror, which have been removed from other similar vehicle like yours, and that allow you remain the confidence on the quality, features, and updates that the car makers made them.

It is not the same one door mirror that just looks like yours; it needs match the design, and the functionality too. The electrical wiring, the plugs and the electrical OEM parts are designed for experienced manufacturers focused on the safety, weather conditions, and built to last. Currently, family vehicles for more than 5 people such as Chrysler town and country, Mercedes sprinter, Kia Sedona, or sport utility vehicles such us Ford explorer, jeep Cherokee, Cadillac Escalade, or smaller named crossover vehicles such as Mazda CX5, Nissan Murano among others have added sensors, turn signals, extensor arms, or power folding mirrors to ensure that they are fulfilling their safety car driving function.               

Do you need a mirror? You are very welcome. At Nobody Collision Parts we have a wide variety of used OEM car door mirrors, call us and ask for your quote.